Fresh Fruits & Vegetables at The Fresh Market


THe Fresh Market

Grapes for Sampling

Grocery shopping is a treat when going to The Fresh Market in Houston – especially with your grandchildren. The market has an amazing concept, one I’ve never seen at a grocery store. When you walk in, it’s like touring a garden. A variety of colors in flowers beautify the entrance.

Next you walk into an area of fruit displays that are meant for sampling – with toothpicks included. There were apples, grapes, and pineapples.

The Fresh Market Fresh Fruit

Grapes on a Toothpick

To the right of the fruit section was the fresh vegetable produce. The veggies looked like they had been freshly picked that same day.

The Fresh Market

Fresh Vegetables at The Fresh Market

Nearby the fruit was a section of Halloween candy in abundance. What I found fascinating, though, is that my 2-year-old toddler grand didn’t even notice the candy but wanted the fresh fruit on a toothpick. This is proof that if you place nutritious snacks in front of children, they will eat them. Feed them lots of candy, and they will feel miserable later – just like you do when you eat too much sugary snacks.

The market had a huge section of fresh and organic snacks such as dried fruit and wholesome nuts and crackers. If you are looking for nutritious and organic appetizers for a party, this is the place to go.

The Fresh Market even has deli food that you can purchase and eat in a pleasant dining area. The store is a fun place to shop.¬†At the back of the market is the meat section and definitely has some of the best steaks you’ll find. The next blog post will include an anecdote about Ribeye steak. Visit again soon!