Candy & Flower Shopping at The Fresh Market

Halloween Candy at The Fresh Market

Candy Galore at The Fresh Market

Shopping at The Fresh Market in Houston is like going to the candy store, especially during the week of Halloween. Look at all the candy – a variety that includes Jelly Bellies and Candy Corn, two types of candies that either you love them or hate them. 

The Fresh Market

Trick or Treat Candy

Pumpkins decorate both sides of the entrance.

The Fresh Market

Pumpkins at the Entrance

Flowers and more flowers…

Flowers at The Fresh Market

Flowers Everywhere!

Festive fall flower eye candy is in abundance with gorgeous colors.

The Fresh Market Flowers

Fresh Flowers at The Fresh Market

The best part of a grandma Grummy shopping at The Fresh Market is being with her lil granddaughters and picking out pretty flowers…

The Fresh Market Flowers

Shopping for flowers with the Grands at The Fresh Market

And then there is SOOO much Halloween candy (have you ever heard of Pumpkin Pie Almonds?)…

The Fresh Market Candies

How Can You Pass Up These Pumpkin Pie Almonds?

very tempting, but Grummy’s Halloween goodies are more fun to make with the Grand-girls (and what toddler doesn’t love a grandma’s homemade sweets?) – like fun recipes such as Candy Corn Hugs Pretzel from Patty Cakes Pantry…

Patty Cakes Pantry

Candy Corn Hugs Pretzels

but shopping with a little granddaughter who loves her stuffed animals, no way can you pass up fun animal crackers from The Fresh Market.


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