That Was So 6:45 – Still Dizzy from Plane Travel

A small desert airport with a restaurant famous for their breakfasts designed their waiting area with seats like in an airplane.

Food and Plane Trips

Airports and Food

Flying on Southwest recently, a flight attendant carrying a bag of honey roasted peanuts asked each person, “Lunch?”

Two things are important to me when I travel on a plane – food and taking something to read. I try to eat breakfast early before a plane trip. It’s the ideal meal because you may not get to eat until late in the evening. That is unless you consider Honey Roasted Peanuts and Ritz Snack Mix 100 Calorie Pack snacks lunch.

Another reason to eat breakfast early before flying is if you have connecting flights these days, you won’t have time to eat at one of the airport foodie places. You’ll barely get to the next gate in time to board. On a good weather day at least. If the airport is DFW when snow is on the ground, you’ll have plenty of time to hang out and enjoy several meals including breakfast. Read more about flights to DFW on snow days from the blogger at (“THE CREW THAT WON’T FLY”).

I enjoy reading on flights. On a recent Southwest flight to Houston, however, my plans to read my new iBlog magazine changed. Conversation with a girl beside me kept me entertained throughout the flight. She was going to spend her holiday week with some of her family. The friendly, comical tween/teen girl said she likes soccer, music, and people but doesn’t like it when kids at school bully other kids. By the end of the flight, my young neighbor had me laughing ’til my eyes teared up with her sense of humor. She explained that when she gets mad at friends or kids at school, they will later bring it up. She tells them, “That was SO last week,” “SO yesterday” or “SO 6:45!” It’s a switch from hearing the normal “Get over it” or “I’m so over it” comments often heard. Every time I hear someone say, “I’m SO over it,” it’s usually because the person is NOT so over whatever the problem is. Next time I think I’ll reply to such a remark, “That was SO 6:45!”

Reading and sleeping were definitely not possible on that trip. The girl (middle seat) and I (aisle seat) had to get up once because the friendly gentleman by the window drank a couple of Bud Lights and asked us, apologizing, if we could let him up.

Adding to my flight experience on this trip was a look through the window as we neared Houston. Just one glimpse was all it took to make me suddenly feel dizzy. That was almost two weeks ago, and I’m still dizzy. Vertigo. Spinning. When – will – it- stop?

If my friendly young plane trip neighbor reads this, thank you for the interesting conversation. Good for you on deciding to change from speaking your mind every time someone makes you mad. Just think “That was SO 6:45” – and you’ll be over it.