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Pet Adoption

Adopt a Pet for Your Children

National Change a Pet’s Life Day is Saturday, January 24th. The purpose of this national pet day was to encourage people to adopt homeless pets. It’s hard to resist taking a pet home from an animal shelter.

Adopt a Pet

Visit Your Local Houston Pet Adoption Shelter

I remember the first pet my husband and I ever adopted. Her name was Jenny. She quietly looked up at us with sad huge eyes. We couldn’t resist – and didn’t. Jenny became a part of our family that day. She was the center of attention in our family.

One day I was in the kitchen when Jenny excitedly jumped up at the window. She ran toward the back door and back to the window. Obviously, she wanted me to see something. When I met her at the back door, I looked down to see a squirrel she had killed and brought to me. I praised her, and I’ll never forget how happy she was. She was a pit bull and hound mix and looked and acted more like the hound breed. Jenny added much joy to our family.

This evening two blogger friends and I talked to a lady whose lost dog had been found after four years! A white Bichon Frise, known for their friendliness to strangers, the pet’s chip had brought him back safely to his owner. Amazing after so long.

Pet adoption is not for everyone. If you prefer not to own a pet, there are other ways you can change a pet’s life. Visit an animal shelter and offer a donation of money or pet toys. The shelter will appreciate your donation. If you do decide to adopt when you visit the shelter, you’ll make a pet happy by giving it a home, love, and attention.

Adopt a Rabbit

A Rabbit as a Pet Adoption Option

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